Friday, December 18, 2009

Joshua's Gotcha Day

Yesterday we celebrated Joshua's Gotcha Day. What's that you ask? Well, it's the anniversary of our finalizing his adoption. He was almost a year old when we finalized...he turns three next Tuesday!

We are so blessed that God chose our family for this amazing, exuberant beautiful baby boy!


Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful guy! Beautiful God! Love, prayers and blessed Christmas to all of you! Janice Porter

Susan said...

He has grown so much and looks like such a charmer. Wish Brad could have made it out to Ut before you guys left. But, glad Gma is ok now. Keep posting, even if I don't comment I love keeping up with you're always so busy. Love to everyone.

Susan said...

Did I tell you lately how much I appreciate the photos and the updates on your blog. I come look ever now and then, even if I don't leave a message. We love and miss you all and

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Because it's tomorrow and I did not mail you a card. I have to clean my craft room before I can even make one.

Love to everyone.

Joyce said...

These photos are AWESOME! Miss you guys!