Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ken Isaak

Today Fresno Pacific started grieving the loss of a good friend, Ken Isaak. Ken has worked at FPU in many capacities for over 20 years. I didn't know Ken well, but since I work in the University Communication's office, I have the great pleasure of working with many great people across the campus.

In 2008 our department came up with a funky idea to use sock puppets to explain difficult concepts at the University. One of my favorites starred none other than Ken Isaak. It was his video debut. He played himself (FPU's financial aid director) discussing financial aid with a sock. He was fantastic to work with! He listened to our suggestions, and laughed a lot. I've embedded the video below, enjoy!

The Sockingtons - The Deadline from Fresno Pacific University on Vimeo.

On the personal side of Ken's death. This is the fifth death to touch my family in 10 weeks. My kids have seen my grieve a lot this year. They've had lots of questions. I've done my best to explain. I've turned to friends for support and help. My friend Tracy wrote a really good post that explained talking to her boys about the subject. I'm going to use some of her words of wisdom too. Thanks Tracy.

Goodbye Ken.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kristina's Going to Italy

My niece Kristina is going to Italy. Can you help send here there?

Try to watch this video without a tissue...

There more information here on her Facebook group page. Thanks for your help!