Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy 10 month birthday!

Joshua turned 10 months old on Monday! He had a check-up this week; he weighs 21 pounds (50th percentile) and is 27 inches tall (25th percentile). Since he has started crawling, he's lost a little weight. He has an ear infection (no temperature or grumpiness!) and is about to get his first tooth!

Lizzie's MRI results came in as 'negative', which is good. No mass or tear in her muscle. We're waiting to hear back from the doctor for next steps.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just Playn' Around

Okay, sorry for the delayed post. I spent the week in Sacramento last week while Kevin was home with the kids. Let's just say he was exhausted when I got home Friday night.

Interesting things going on in Alveyland...

Lizzie has swelling and a small lump in her right neck/shoulder muscle. We've done a full blood panel (everything normal), X-rays (again normal) and this last Friday she went in for an MRI. Normally they like to put children her age under general anesthia so they hold still, but they let her try to lie still first. She was very brave and was able to do it! We were very proud of her. We should have results this week. We just had our first parent-teacher conference for the year, and Lizzie is doing great! She is reading at an advanced third grade level and loves school.

Tori started speech therapy at Lizzie's school. She thinks she is such a big girl now. She is really speaking well, but they just want to keep on eye on her development. Tori continues to have a great time wherever she goes and teaches us to find joy wherever we are!

Joshua is growing so fast. His latest trick is waving. He loves to wave hello and goodbye! Such fun. He is pulling himself up and taking steps around furniture, so walking is soon to follow.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Dinner with the Stobbes

We have some good friends that we haven't seen in a long, long time. In fact, they hadn't even met Josh yet! So we remedied that situation by going over to their house for dinner Sunday night.

The Stobbes have three daughters...the eldest, Brianna is a sophomore in college, then next we have Brittney, a junior in high school, and the youngest is Brooke, in eighth grade. When we first met the Stobbes, Lizzie was about 13 months old. She has always adored playing with the Stobbe girls. In fact, she created a nickname for Brit and Brooke...they became Brookney.

Tori, and now Josh, also had a great time playing with the girls. The Stobbe girls are so patient with the kids and just spent a lot of time loving on our kids. They are awesome! They are great role models for my kids (4.0 GPAs, polite, well-centered, very involved in extracurricular activties and best of all, they love Jesus) and fantastic babysitters for my fellow moms out there.

Thanks Stobbes for a fun, fun night!

Lizzie 'stunting' with the Brookneys...

more stunting

all of the girls

Josh had fun too!

Tori had to get in on the stunting fun.

the mamas and the papas


Lizzie started cheering for the flag football teams in RYF (ranchos youth football) in July, but games didn't begin until September! Her squad was so excited to finally start cheering (for real). Here are a couple of pictures.

All 29 Flag Football Cheerleaders and coaches (Lizzie is first row standing, far right)

Lizzie's squad (7 girls to a squad)

Lizzie and her self-proclaimed BFF, Destyni!