Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gotcha Tori!

Today is Tori's Gotcha Day! Three years ago today we finalized her adoption.

Victoria Melody Joy is a smart, funny, beautiful little girl. She is very excited to start kindergarten. We are thrilled that God brought us Tori, she is truly a blessing.

This was my baby girl two years ago, holding her new baby brother.
This is my baby girl today!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies!

Lizzie is a proud, new Girl Scout. She is delighted to be involved and is extremely excited about selling GS cookies. If you haven't received a call from her yet, be forewarned...her enthusiasm is contagious!

Today she can officially begin accepting orders. If you are interested in placing an order, let me know. Available items are: caramel delites, peanut butter patties, shortbread, thin mints, peanut butter sandwich, thanks-a-lot (shortbread w/chocolate) lemonades and a new cookie, daisy go rounds (a cinnamon cookie).

Thanks for your support!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Joshie's first haircut

Yesterday, Joshie had his first haircut. I've been able to put it off because his hair is so curly, it's hard to tell how long it is. When he woke up from his nap the other day with a combed out 'fro, I decided it was time. So, I called my buddy Jen and she actually met us at her shop on her day off. (Thanks again Jen!)

He wasn't thrilled with the idea, thus Kev sat behind him and held him in place, while Jen worked fast and furious. She was amazing and got the haircut done in less than 10 minutes.

Take a look at my handsome boy! He looks so much older now.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

EM:HE is in town! A family in Fresno has been chosen as a recipient of a new home, courtesy of De Young Properties and ABC. I'll be following the action from one of the Fresno Bee Blogs.

Brandon De Young, vice-president of operations for De Young will be blogging on a regular basis keeping us up to date with the build. Check out the link under my friends and family list on the right hand side of the page!

Coverage of the event, including stories, photos and video, will be archived at fresnobee.com/makeover.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy birthday...to me!

This past Saturday we celebrated my birthday down south. Now, for us California girls, down south means the general LA, San Diego area. My sister Leslie lives in San Juan Capistrano. We are blessed to be able to spend extended time with them every year at New Year's. (I think we just rang in the New Year together for the fifth year in a row! Is that right sis? Wow!)

Anyhow, since my birthday is right behind New Year's, we are normally down south for the celebration.

This year, we started the day by having breakfast at the Original Pancake House. I ordered Danish Crepes, very similar to our German flintzen. Delish! (basically a crepe with a sour-packed cherry mousse topping) From there, we headed to a park in Dana Point to let the kids run around (see pic of Tori and Lizzie). The Dana Point Harbor is directly behind them.

We rounded out the afternoon with a trip to Jump 'N Jammin. Think Pump It Up, but with more climbing and mazes. Very fun!

We ended the day with excellent Mexican food and a birthday margarita. A fabulous day!

Tori and cousin Nicky pretending to be fallen Star Troopers
waiting for Captain Marc to rescue them.

Lizzie and Tori enjoying the flowers.
Dana Point Harbor

Captain Joshua manning the ship.

Mommy and Josh having fun at Jump 'N Jammin