Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy me!

This past Saturday we celebrated my birthday down south. Now, for us California girls, down south means the general LA, San Diego area. My sister Leslie lives in San Juan Capistrano. We are blessed to be able to spend extended time with them every year at New Year's. (I think we just rang in the New Year together for the fifth year in a row! Is that right sis? Wow!)

Anyhow, since my birthday is right behind New Year's, we are normally down south for the celebration.

This year, we started the day by having breakfast at the Original Pancake House. I ordered Danish Crepes, very similar to our German flintzen. Delish! (basically a crepe with a sour-packed cherry mousse topping) From there, we headed to a park in Dana Point to let the kids run around (see pic of Tori and Lizzie). The Dana Point Harbor is directly behind them.

We rounded out the afternoon with a trip to Jump 'N Jammin. Think Pump It Up, but with more climbing and mazes. Very fun!

We ended the day with excellent Mexican food and a birthday margarita. A fabulous day!

Tori and cousin Nicky pretending to be fallen Star Troopers
waiting for Captain Marc to rescue them.

Lizzie and Tori enjoying the flowers.
Dana Point Harbor

Captain Joshua manning the ship.

Mommy and Josh having fun at Jump 'N Jammin


Arkie Alvey's said...

Happy Birthday! At the beginning of the school year I had this great idea that I would send out birthday and anniversary cards to everyone...Here is is a brand new year and I still can't get it done!!! So Happy Birthday, and maybe I'll be organized enough to get cards out next time! :(