Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Great News!

We received the results of Joshua's HIV test this morning...it was negative! Hoorray and Praise the Lord!

Lizzie Lost a Tooth!

Last night the Tooth Fairy came to visit Lizzie for the very first time! One of her front bottom teeth was very loose; in fact, her adult teeth were already coming in! So her Nana helped her with it last night and out it came!

She awoke to pixie dust on her pillow and a special note from the Tooth Fairy. Very exciting. The day before she proclaimed that she was sure she was the only seven-year-old who hasn't lost a tooth yet!

Pictures soon to come!

Friday, June 22, 2007


Ninety percent of women surveyed said they wished they could change at least one aspect of their appearance. In conjunction with the study, Dove created a “Campaign for Real Beauty” that includes an online time lapse video called “Evolution” that illustrates just how far removed “airbrushed” ads are from reality.

Here’s the powerful short film from Dove, which explores how the "effortless" beauty we see on billboards is actually created. To view the film, and learn how you can make a difference, visit: http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.com

Our children learn at a very young age that they are judged by how they look. I am constantly reminding Lizzie that what is on the outside is not as important as to what is on the inside. I pray for Lizzie and Tori daily that they will not get caught up in the beauty craze that is so prevalent in our society.

Six Months Old!

Today Joshua is six-months-old! We've had a couple more 'firsts' this week...we introduced him to rice cereal; he really enjoyed that! Last night he rolled from his back to his tummy! So now when he rolls from his tummy to his back...he can roll back! Such a smart little boy!

He also had is first (and hopefully last!) upper G.I. this week. He was diagnosed with acid reflux, put on Zantac (which didn't help) and then had the G.I. done. The doctor was looking to make sure the Josh was 'put together properly.' It all looked good, so we're just hoping and praying that he grows out of the acid reflux!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Kevin was able to start celebrating Father's Day early this year. Our church hosted a Father's Day Motorcycle Run on Saturday. About ten guys rode up to Friant for breakfast at the Dam Diner. Kevin worked real hard on his Honda to get it ready. It ran pretty well, but it is on its last leg, so we're looking for another motorcycle for him.

On Sunday we made a big breakfast for daddy. Lizzie helped with the pancakes and then went to join her siblings in bed, relaxing with dad. Our church held a Father's Day Car and Motorcycle show at our campus where we meet. So after breakfasted we headed out to church and checked out all the cool cars and bikes. It was pretty awesome.

After church we bar-be-qued and swam at my parent's house. Kevin and Tori even got in a good afternoon nap. It was a fantastic, relaxing day.

Happy Father's Day Kevin. You are the best dad our kids could possibly have! We love you.

Kevin and Ernie at the diner

The Bikes

Super Dad and the kids

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wahoo Buck-A-Roo!

It's Flipside VBS down at Cobb Ranch! We've had a galloping good time this week. The whole family has been involved! Since we're holding our VBS (vacation Bible school) at Cobb Ranch the kids get to do extra fun activities like: going on a hay ride, playing in the special playground, feeding and petting the animals and, my personal favorite, riding horses on the last day! Cowgirl Clarabelle even showed up.

It was an amazing week! 32 kids accepted Jesus as their Savior! Most were kids we reached through the Good News after school program this last semester. We had 142 kids in attendance. Wahoo-Buck-A-Roo!

One of the super fun things we do is have a little competition between the boys and the girls for the offering. The kids gave over $1,800! Wow! The girls alone donated almost $1,300. Because the girls won the competition Cowgirl Clarabelle did NOT have to get a pie in her face (unlike last year!). Instead she delightedly smashed a pie in the face of Bert, one of our lovable highschool drama participants. Also receiving a pie were Yuk-Yuk Buck (AKA, Karl - our senior pastor) and Jon, our street team leader. They were good sports and took it like men!

The best part of the offering is that it is being given to Camino Del Rio church plant in North Carolina. Every penny is going to their children’s ministry so they too can reach children with the message of Jesus. Story after story came in of kids giving their entire “piggy bank” of coins and dollars so “kids in Carolina can have a VBS like this one”. Amazing! These kids get it!

What an awesome God we serve!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Joshua Update

Josh has been learning all kinds of fun things lately...his favorite trick now is rolling over, from his tummy to his back, he can go either way! Such a talented young man.

He was diagnosed with acid reflux in May and started on Zantac immediately. It does not seem to be helping much at this point; we have an appointment next week to take him in for an upper GI...fun, fun!

He has taken a special interest in watching Giant's baseball with daddy, and has been heard to laugh delightedly upon a win! (which seems to be rare these days!)

Joshua continues to be a very fun baby...his laughter sends the girls into fits of giggles. We are sooo blessed to be surrounded by such delightful children.

Tori Update

Tori has had a very busy couple of weeks...she had her first dental appointment...no cavities!

She also helped daddy study for finals...

She also did a little swimming at Bass Laked with cousin Kristina and her friend Emily...

All in all Tori is a VERY busy three-year-old!

Lizzie update

Lizzie's last day of school was last Friday, June 1. To wrap up her year, she had an open house,in which her class sang and danced to Yellow Submarine,

had an Octopus Fest, where she reported on Sea Turtles

and finally had her end of the year award ceremony, where she raked in five awards!
She had a great first-grade year...ending the year reading at a third grade level. Rock on Lizzie. We're off to a fun summer!

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow

Just like that...12 inches gone to Locks of Love.