Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lizzie update

Lizzie's last day of school was last Friday, June 1. To wrap up her year, she had an open house,in which her class sang and danced to Yellow Submarine,

had an Octopus Fest, where she reported on Sea Turtles

and finally had her end of the year award ceremony, where she raked in five awards!
She had a great first-grade year...ending the year reading at a third grade level. Rock on Lizzie. We're off to a fun summer!


Regier Family said...

Lizzie you are my favorite first grader!!! Whoops, I mean 2nd grader now!

Regier Family said...

ALRIGHT Little Foot 1! I know you got all those awards because you and your uncle watched lots of movies at my house and they were ALL educational movies that helped you further your education. You come over for movies and chocolate ANYTIME.