Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Kevin was able to start celebrating Father's Day early this year. Our church hosted a Father's Day Motorcycle Run on Saturday. About ten guys rode up to Friant for breakfast at the Dam Diner. Kevin worked real hard on his Honda to get it ready. It ran pretty well, but it is on its last leg, so we're looking for another motorcycle for him.

On Sunday we made a big breakfast for daddy. Lizzie helped with the pancakes and then went to join her siblings in bed, relaxing with dad. Our church held a Father's Day Car and Motorcycle show at our campus where we meet. So after breakfasted we headed out to church and checked out all the cool cars and bikes. It was pretty awesome.

After church we bar-be-qued and swam at my parent's house. Kevin and Tori even got in a good afternoon nap. It was a fantastic, relaxing day.

Happy Father's Day Kevin. You are the best dad our kids could possibly have! We love you.

Kevin and Ernie at the diner

The Bikes

Super Dad and the kids