Thursday, June 7, 2007

Joshua Update

Josh has been learning all kinds of fun things lately...his favorite trick now is rolling over, from his tummy to his back, he can go either way! Such a talented young man.

He was diagnosed with acid reflux in May and started on Zantac immediately. It does not seem to be helping much at this point; we have an appointment next week to take him in for an upper, fun!

He has taken a special interest in watching Giant's baseball with daddy, and has been heard to laugh delightedly upon a win! (which seems to be rare these days!)

Joshua continues to be a very fun baby...his laughter sends the girls into fits of giggles. We are sooo blessed to be surrounded by such delightful children.


Regier Family said...

Just so you all know, Josh is well aware when his Uncle Paul enters. He lites up and gets all excited because he knows his uncle is always ready for fun as his house is well known in Alveyland as the "house of fun." Auntie says I must stop telling lies. (which I am NOT) See u later little buddy and Little Foot 1 and 2.