Monday, October 1, 2007

Dinner with the Stobbes

We have some good friends that we haven't seen in a long, long time. In fact, they hadn't even met Josh yet! So we remedied that situation by going over to their house for dinner Sunday night.

The Stobbes have three daughters...the eldest, Brianna is a sophomore in college, then next we have Brittney, a junior in high school, and the youngest is Brooke, in eighth grade. When we first met the Stobbes, Lizzie was about 13 months old. She has always adored playing with the Stobbe girls. In fact, she created a nickname for Brit and Brooke...they became Brookney.

Tori, and now Josh, also had a great time playing with the girls. The Stobbe girls are so patient with the kids and just spent a lot of time loving on our kids. They are awesome! They are great role models for my kids (4.0 GPAs, polite, well-centered, very involved in extracurricular activties and best of all, they love Jesus) and fantastic babysitters for my fellow moms out there.

Thanks Stobbes for a fun, fun night!

Lizzie 'stunting' with the Brookneys...

more stunting

all of the girls

Josh had fun too!

Tori had to get in on the stunting fun.

the mamas and the papas