Monday, February 19, 2007

Recap of 2006

A Year of Firsts...
January - Finalized Tori's adoption, Lisa went back to work full-time
February - Moved to a new house
March - Kevin resigned as youth pastor
April - Kevin starts a new job
May - Went on our first cruise! (McNeelys, Vances, Alveys and Schlesselmans)

June - Celebrated our first Kindergarten graduation (Lizzie)

July - For the first time in years we DIDN'T attend the 4th of July Grizzlies game
August - Kevin goes back to college!
September - Started teaching H.S. Sunday School...(okay, so this one isn't a first, but it is at a new church!)

October - First family themed Halloween cosutmes
November - Brought home two Beagle puppies for the girls (meet Daisy and Rosie)

December - Found out that Tori has a brother!

Whew, what a year! What will 2007 bring??? Not more puppies I hope!


Jamie said...

What a wonderful year...God is sooo good! I wonder what amazing and fun things He has planned for your family this year?