Monday, March 12, 2007

Whew, what a week!

It has been a week full of tears and fears for the Alvey family! On Monday, my grams died. Wednesday night we rushed Joshua to the ER at Children's Hospital because he was having trouble breathing. Joshua was admitted and began treatment for RSV and pneumonia. Thursday was gram's funeral (what a celebration of life!). Friday night my nephew Jeremy had an emergency appendectomy AND my uncle Jerry died. (My uncle's funeral is this Thursday.) Unbelievable!

Here are a few photos of Josh in the hospital. This is Joshua's first breathing treatment in ER. It is a vapor shield. After he was admitted, they put him in a breathing tent for approximately 18 hours.
He was put on oxygen and an IV immediately.

Thankfully we came home yesterday. Yahooooo! Thanks to everyone for their support and prayers.


Jamie said...

Glad to hear Joshua is doing better! We will keep praying that God shields him from sickness over the coming weeks so he can gain back his full strength! All the Macks