Monday, April 16, 2007

Swim Lessons and the MCC Sale

We spent this last weekend with Lizzie and Tori starting swim lessons and attending the annual MCC sale. The MCC sale is also known as the West Coast Relief sale, benefiting the Mennonite Central Committee. It's pretty much a magnet for any Mennonites in the area. Can you say, fritters, verinka, German sausage, and of course, zweibach? YUM! They raise hundreds of thousands of dollars every year! Did you know that often times the Mennonites are the first to arrive in an emergency situation? Just a bit of interesting information.

The girls always get fun balloon hats...this year Lizzie chose a joker hat and Tori an angel.

Anyway, we had a great time and saw lots of friends; including one I haven't seen in at least 15 years (great to see you Kari Just-Kirkwood!).

The girls started swim lessons at Break the Barriers this weekend. Lizzie did great, while for Tori, these were her first lessons and she was a little less sure. She definitely was not interested in blowing bubbles for Coach Steve. (but we've been practicing in the tub and are ready for next Saturday!)

All the while Josh stayed bundled up in the stroller.

We ended the weekend at a friend's birthday party. Joshua is already proving to be a ladies man, as the girls were lining up to hold him.


Jamie said...

Tori looks so cute in her little SwimAmerica swimsuit and pigtails! Before you know it, she'll be jumping off her chair while her coach isn't looking! Fun times!