Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Construction team

Okay, sorry for the delayed post. We have been up to our eyeballs in construction! Every year we spend Labor Day weekend camping...well, this year was a little different. We spent the entire weekend on the roof of my parent's house. Kevin, myself, my bro Lance, nephew Mattie, nephew Jeremy, my uncle Kerry, friend Dave and my dad worked in shifts to get their house roofed. We were exhausted! (and my legs got torn up wearing knee pads that did not fit well) We then moved on to the old house (where we will be moving in Oct or Nov) to reroof it. We had to strip off the old shingles (thanks Dave!), knock down the nails, have the roof inspected and then move on the the next phase. Next involves carrying some very heavy plyboard onto the roof and nailing it down, then another inspection before we can start rolling tar and nailing down shingles. We hope to be shingling (a word?) this weekend. If anyone is available...please help. We are worn out! I will be working in Porterville all weekend and thus will not be able to help.

Even though we worked really hard, we had fun working together...in fact Mattie and I even came up with a little shingle jingle.

Reroofing is the beginning of a very long remodeling process that we are very anxious to get started. (I've had things in storage for two years now!) We can't wait to get going!

My bones, my butt, my body hurts...can't find anyone who wants to work...if you think you will, if you fit the bill, oh please, oh please, oh say you will! (not the shingle jingle, just a little bonus)


Patrice said...

What? No roofing butt pictures?