Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Life has thrown us a couple of curveballs recently...we're still trying to figure out how to hit them out of the park.

So I've been a bad blogger and haven't updated lately, sorry!

In a nutshell, I missed Halloween, pix below. I was a doctor, Tori a policewoman, Josh a fireman and Kevin was our accident victim. What about Lizzie you ask? Well, we explained that she was our foreign exchange student...she was dressed as a Japanese Princess...

Right after Halloween Josh had an ear infection and so was treated with Amoxycillin. On the eighth day of his treatment he broke out in a terrible rash. Pictures also below. My poor boy! But through it all, he still was such a happy baby.

Even though we are trying to figure out the curveball, especially before life throws us a slider, we are very thankful for our children, our health and specially for our faith, without which we would be feeling pretty hopeless now. Happy early Thanksgiving!


Allison said...

Poor baby! I hope he has recovered and is doing well!

Cute costumes!

Jamie said...

YIKES! That's not just a reaction to penicillin! Hope he's doing OK now...and that everyone else in the fam is healthy overall.