Thursday, January 3, 2008

So much to little time!

Okay, since the last post, we've celebrated Joshie's first birthday, and adoption; Lizzie has performed in two Christmas programs (one as the 'head' angel - Gabriela perhaps?) Josh has gained another tooth (3 total now!) and has developed some mad walking skills...Tori continues to delight in many things and make us laugh on a daily basis. (She also has perfected the use of the word 'no' - not so fun.)

We celebrated New Year's in San Juan Capistrano with my sister's family. (Tori has developed quite a crush on her Uncle Marc.) The kids and I have stayed on in San Juan while Kevin returned home yesterday to begin renovations on our kitchen.

I am continuing to look for work as I was laid off back in November. (Kev's new semester begins next week.)

Sorry for the delayed post.