Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jerusalem Marketplace

This year for VBS our church did something a little different. Children were 'transported' back to Bible times and walked where Jesus walked. They made bread, weaved baskets, formed pottery and experienced the artisanship on the streets of Jerusalem’s Market place, all while being garbed in the clothing of the times. It was incredible!

On the last night, the rabbi that negotiated with Judas to turn Jesus over to the Romans met Jesus face-to-face. Check out their conversation here.

VBS is very labor intensive (we had over 100 volunteers!), but it is so worth it! Watching the children interact with Jesus and get excited about an offering (girls won, second year in a row!) is amazing. We plan on doing the Jerusalem series every three years. It was an amazing experience for the children and the volunteers!

The rabbi experiences forgiveness.
Loving Jesus
Listening to Jesus

The skit in the marketplace

Several days we had a 'blind' man in the marketplace.
Once the kids learned of his plight, they started 'caring' for him. They brought him food and water. And were amazed on the day he was miraculously healed.

The basket weaver.My Tori on the left.Lizzie and her buddy Jackie.


Thought clouds of a dreamer... said...

Praise the Lord for the faith of child. I was blessed to hear about the little one's experiencing the wonder of faith through the "bind man"'s healing Keep up the evangelizing Lisa and Kevin!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin, man - you must really be growing in your faith - you're even starting to look like Jesus! Really, it looked like you had a lot of fun. Miss you guys a lot.

Bruce and Janice

Anonymous said...
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Ben & Alli said...

Dude, you totally pull off the Jesus look. Where did you guys do this? Looks awesome! It's good to see the little ones growing as well. They're all so big! Miss you much.

Mani said...

So I was going through old home videos and watched some of the old play at north fresno that you and kevin were in with my little brother. This reminded me of it. Haha it was so funny to see you two doing your thing up on that stage.