Monday, May 18, 2009

We lost Joshua

Last week I was getting ready for work, in fact, my car was already running, when Kevin informed me that he couldn't find Joshua.

"What?" I said. "What do you mean?"

"I can't find him," he said.

So the four of us (we enlisted Lizzie and Tori to help) started searching the house. All of the doors leading outside were locked and he can't unlock those yet. So we knew he had to be in the house. We searched cupboards, drawers, the pantry, the laundry room, bathrooms, and closets to no avail. We could not find him.

Finally, after about 5 frantic minutes of searching, Kevin found him. The back of our bedroom we have two closets, one for Kev and one for myself. Kevin's closet door has a lock on it. Yes, you guessed it. He locked himself in Kevin's closet. It took some persuading, but we managed to talk him into unlocking the door. Yes, the doorknob has now been fixed so he can no longer do that.

The next night, Kev was at school late and I had to pick the kids up from babysitters, get them home, get Tori into her uniform and to her game within about 15 minutes. Time was tight and I wasn't messing around. As I was bent down tying Tori's cleats I felt Josh messing around behind me. He was chatting away and grabbing at the top of my waistband of my pants (in back). I just ignored him and continued to focus on Tori. When I finished with her, I went to quickly change myself. As I pulled off my pants I found what Josh was chatting about. He had put a live stink bug (good 'ol country living) down my pants. Yup, true story.

Moral of the story…Josh will not be ignored!


Jamie said...

Oh you gotta love boys!

Kris said...

Are us SURE he's not Kevin's bio-child? Some things must 'rub' off???