Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us!

On Saturday Kevin and I celebrated our 18th anniversary - 18 on the 18th - kind of our golden anniversary (if you don't know what your golden birthday is email me!). We actually went out to dinner on Friday to Flemings to celebrate. Wow, that food is good! Saturday we spent at a cheerleading event and then a going away party for my nephew Jacob.

It has been an amazing 18 years! The highlights include the birth of Lizzie, meeting Tori for the first time and bringing Joshie home. (attending the 2002 Olympics was pretty cool, too!) We have been blessed with family, friends and mentors (we still miss you Bruce and Janice!) who have stood by us, supported us and prayed us through difficult times also. Thank you.

Kevin is an incredible partner and phenomenal father. I don't know another man like him. (not many could handle being a stay-at-home daddy!) I love you so much Kevin and I am so grateful that God brought us together.

The top picture was taken last summer, the picture below was one of the first pictures we took as a couple.


Randy & Jamie said...

Happy Anniversary! May God bless you with even MORE love for each other over the coming years...and that's a whole lot! Thanks for being a wonderful model of a godly marriage to us over the years. We love you guys!

Allison said...

Happy Anniversary! We think of you often and love seeing pictures of your growing family. We speak of you to our friends as people that we respect and admire! We miss you!

Bruce said...

Hey Guys,

I know this is terribly late. We're just getting into this blogging thing. Anyway, happy anniversary. We really miss you too. We pray for you often and look forward to see how God will continue to guide you in your marriage.

Bruce and Janice