Monday, August 13, 2007

Hello Huntington Lake!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of joining Rod, Julie, Alyssa and Lindsey McNeely at a cabin at Huntington Lake. The weather was perfect (about 85 degrees), company great, food was excellent and the view was fantastic!

While Joshie and I napped, all four girls, Rod & Julie and Kevin spent some time at the lake. The water was a little chilly, but they had a great time in a canoe. Lizzie decided she was a canoe expert because of her time watching Pocahantas. After returning from the lake everyone warmed up in the hot tub at the cabin.

During the time they were at the lake I had an interesting encounter with a hummingbird. I heard a noise coming from the blinds at one of the windows, so I went to investigate. I pulled up the blinds and there trying to get through the window was a hummingbird. As I gently talked to the bird I cornered him in the window with my hands. I cupped him in my hands and carried him to the door where he flew away. It was an amazing experience. He sat on my finger and didn't even try to fly away until I opened my hands. Way cool!

The four girls get along so well, they always have a great time when 'the cousins' get together. Thanks for a great time McNeelys!

View from the cabin deck, Huntington Lake behind Rod and Kevin.

Even Josh got in on some spa fun.