Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pasghetti, Birthday Cake and Pixie Dust

Yesterday, Lizzie pulled out her other top front tooth in the school library. The whole class was excited! So the tooth fairy once again decorated Lizzie's pillow with pixie dust.

Yesterday was also Kevin's birthday. We had made plans for Lori and Paul to watch the kids while we went out to dinner. So Uncle Paul took advantage of the time to prepare his famous "suck-the-pasghetti-through-the-hole-in-your-teeth" dinner for Lizzie. See photos and video. All of the sauce landed on her chin, so as to look like a goatee. Yum!

Lori and the girls made Kevin a birthday cake while we were out. Tori decorated it with the candles. It was beautiful!

Happy birthday Kevin. You are a wonderful husband and father. We love you!


Jamie said...

Hey Tori, I'm not sure you put enough candles on that cake! Did you and Auntie Lori run out? jk. Happy Birthday Kevin!!!

Patrice said...

I'm glad you have the second picture after they blew out the candles...I couldn't see the cake for the flames in the first picture! Happy Birthday Kevin!!!

Kevin said...

happy b-day Kevin, I bet you're really old.


Anonymous said...

Hey girls! Ready for more pasghetti and cake??? How about some movies and candy? Come to Uncle Paul's House of Fun!!!!