Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pixie Dust and the Tooth Fairy

We had another visit from the Tooth Fairy last night...Lizzie lost her third tooth! It's one of the big top teeth so she is very excited. The Tooth Fairy left Lizzie a little cash, another letter and pixie dust sprinkled all ove her pillow and check (I think she gave her a little kiss!) It was all very exciting to find this morning!

(p.s. I've accepted a position with Fresno Pacific University, I'll be the new Web Content Editor - also Josh now has six teeth!)


Chris & Nanita said...
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Chris & Nanita said...

In response to the comment on my page I must ask, who are the go-go's? Congrats Lizie!!! Tyler lost a tooth this month as well.

Alyssa and Lindsey said...

Now that your front tooth is missing, maybe your Unlce Paul will make you some spagetti. You look really cute, just like Lindsey. She has missing front teeth as well. Lindsey says it hard to eat an apple right now!

We love you!
Alyssa and Lindsey

Allison said...

Losing teeth was one of my favorite things as a kid! Lizzie, you look great! Lisa, congrats on the job, I hear FPU is a great place to be ;)

Regier Family said...

Hi Goofy Girl! What a smile you have now! Uncle Paul will make you some nice and messy pasgetti that you can slurp through your new windows. When can you come over? Oh-- and you also need to count my Boxtops!

Christa said...

Congrats on the new position!