Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Joshie!

On Monday Joshua Tucker turned 2! This year has flown by.

Joshua is ALLL boy. Some of his favorite things are climbing (anything, anywhere, any time), he particularly likes climbing up dressers and cabinets. He loves balls and cars of all shapes and sizes, Christmas lights, milk and meat. He's not much of a carbs or veggie eater...bring on the meat and he's a happy camper!

His athletic skills continue to amaze us! Catching balls, throwing (full speed), hitting and kicking balls, he is incredible.

He's still not talking much, but his therapist isn't too concerned. His favorite words are: lights, ball, car, airplane, lala (for lizzie) and toto (tori). He is also learning to make different noises, he is hilarious!

We are so blessed by him.

We love you Joshua Tucker!


KriS said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSHIE!!!!!! I just can't get my crap together to send cards to everyone. NEXT year for sure!

Love ya, Aunt Kris