Monday, December 29, 2008

A True Christmas Miracle

We had the usual Christmas chaos this year. Lots of parties, family and friends visiting. Everything we enjoy about Christmas.

Every year we have a Christmas brunch, usually very small, our family my mom and dad and the Sciocchettis, (this year the Regiers were able to join us) followed by a much larger and louder Christmas (late) lunch. (apx 30ish peeps)

This year we celebrated the end of my mom's Hep-C treatment at our brunch. (She received her last shot this week.) We are all thrilled to be done with this treatment. It has been an extremely difficult year for my mom. The treatment completely wipes her out. She's lost weight, hair, and lots of sleep.

But we celebrate that fact that so far, the treatment seems to be working. The virus count has been knocked down to 'undetectable'. She will have a liver biopsy in six months to determine if further treatment is necessary. Of course, we're praying that it won't be!

What a great way to celebrate Christmas! Here's to a GREAT New Year!