Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Snow Trip

Last month we took the kids up to play in the snow. We had so much fun! We bundled them up and let 'em go. It was so pretty, it snowed the entire time we were out. We made a snow man, went sledding and made snow angels.

Playing in the snow really made Lizzie think of (and miss) Utah, her grandpa and grandma and all her cousins. She thinks that she'd like to live somewhere where it snows. I tell her that she's a California girl and that after shoveling the driveway she'd think again about living with snow, but she disagreed with me! :-)

Our little snow angel.

Kinda wimpy, I know, but the kids were still proud!

Josh loved the snow and enjoyed trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue.

Lizzie and Tori about to head down the hill on the sled.

It was so beautiful. This is in Yosemite.


JHRME said...

K,you called your snowman wimpy...I used to think that was the only kind of snowman real people could make! I thought the kind that got rolled and were giant were make believe and only in books until I lived in Idaho and we had snow days. Granted we had heated sidewalks and didnt have to shovel!

Kris said...

You tell Lizzy she can come live with Auntie Kris any time, we've got plenty snow here!!! (5 months a year)

Joyce and Company said...

Looks like fun! (Cold, but fun!) Tell Lizzie we miss her too (and the rest of the family!) -Joyce

Anonymous said...

Here I thought Lizzie was a beach bum....
Auntie Leslie