Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Women’s Retreat in Cambria

Well, this past weekend was a first for me. I spoke at Flipside's women's retreat in Cambria. We had over 60 women in attendance and it was amazing! Wow!

The theme that God laid on my heart back in October was Celebrating Every Day. I thought, "Cool, that will be easy to talk about." As I dug into the topic, God revealed some pretty heavy stuff. I broke it into three sessions with a little devotional on Sunday. We covered Why God Wants Us to Celebrate, What Keeps Us from Celebrating, and How to Celebrate Every Day. The devotional I talked about on Sunday was based on 1 Corinthians 12 talking about different parts of the body. It tied in pretty nicely.

I had such an amazing time talking to these women. Not once was I nervous! I know that there was a band of prayer warriors protecting us through the entire weekend. I had so much fun!

We stayed at a campground in Cambria, it was so beautiful. We watched deer, seals and whales from the deck of the lodge, very cool!

God really gets all the credit for an amazing weekend. Thanks to Michelle Sassano for taking care of all the details! You rock!


Kris said...

Sounds like an awesome, uplifting time. Glad you had fun.

Janice Porter said...

Lisa, Way to go! I knew God could do it through you! I love how God creates a "ripple affect", using more and more people to touch more people in a different places. Love, Janice