Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Day of School

Today Lizzie started the third grade! Yup, summer is over in the Ranchos...the new academic year has begun.

Lizzie was very excited to start school and was thrilled to find that she has just the teacher she was hoping for... Mrs. Hernandez! Her best friend Destyne is in her class also.

Tori and Josh signed up today for preschool and will be starting next week when Kevin starts school.

Lizzie and Mrs Hernandez

Already to go!


The Regiers said...

Hey Lizzie, you look just like your mommy when she was in third grade! You will have a great year since you are already so smart!!!
Love, Auntie Lori

Anonymous said...

wow i was going to say that....lizzie looks just like her mommy.
You look great lizzie, i'm glad you got the teacher you were hoping for; have a great year!
auntie leslie