Monday, August 11, 2008

San Juan Capistrano

We recently visited my sister Leslie and her family (Uncle Marc and Nicky) at their home in San Juan Capistrano. We had so much fun!

On Friday, we went to Laguna Nigel and spent the day on the beach. The kids had a great time! It was Joshua's first trip to the ocean and he wasn't intimated one bit! He loved playing in the waves, but his favorite thing to do was eating sand. (yes, he pooped a sand castle the next day!)

The next day we spent swimming at Leslie and Marc's club. My nephew Matthew and his girlfriend Rachel joined us for awhile as they were 'in the area' also. The kids had a great time playing with 'big' cousin Mattie and Rachel. Tori really took off in the pool. She ditched her swimmie (floatie) suit and became a fish. It was cool to watch her.

We've really enjoyed my summer three-day weekends. We've tried to fit a lot into a short amount of time.

Unfortunately, all the pix I have are from the beach, oh well!

Lizzie, Tori and cousin Nicky.