Friday, August 22, 2008

A new chapter

We found out Wednesday night that Kevin has been accepted as a student at the MB Biblical Seminary to begin his master's program in marriage and family therapy! Wow, very cool. They let very few 'non-degreed' students in, particularly in this program.

This really ramps up his studies. Classes will be much more intense with schedules very sporadic (lots of weekend and evening classes). It will take a lot of communication between us to keep things running smoothly.

Classes start Monday, which brings me to a new prayer request; financial aid. Seminary is much more expensive than community college. Please pray that scholarships and grants will come through, we are really trying to avoid loans.

Congratulations Kevin!


Allison said...

Congratulations Kevin! That is awesome, he will do so well. God will provide, He always does!!! Prayers are being said for your whole family.

KriS said...

Congrats! Kevin was made for a job like that! I happen to think he is an awesome human being with great communication skills. :)