Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Day at Bass Lake

One of my biggest concerns moving to the Ranchos was knowing that we wouldn't be seeing some friends nearly as often as when we lived 'in town'. Well, God has taken that concern and has blessed us with new friends.

We spent last Saturday at Bass Lake with some of these new friends. Michelle and Daryn Sassano and their boys, Michael and Brandon, Karl and Shellie Roth and their boys, Kaleb and Wyatt and John and Michele Stephens and their boys, Trevor, Logan and Carson. See a trend her with the boys? Yup, my girls were the only girl (kids) there. We had 10 kids (under the age of 11) and 8 adults on one boat.

We had an amazing day! Karl and Shellie own a large (obviously) boat in which we cruised the lake and pulled the kids around on an inflatable raft. It was fun, relaxing and a great day. Thanks guys!

The tube crew...
Lizzie and Carson
Tori and Miss Shellie
Lizzie, Carson and Brandon
Sand Monkey
Mommie, Tori and Lizzie
Captain Karl and his co-captain


Patrice said...

That last one reminds me of when Grandpa let Dallon drive the boat! I still remember it seemed like we were going to slam into that levee!